Tub and Shower Complete

  • Model: P188775
  • Finish: Chrome

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  • Tub and Shower Complete 3 5 2 2
    Leaks Leaks Leaks I purchased this Tub and Shower Faucet on February 24, 2014 , [ 14 days ago]. I installed it on Sat. Mar. 8, 2014 using unions so no heat would be transfused to the valve body, and if I would ever need to take it out it would be easy. As soon as I turned the water back on it started dripping from the spout. On Monday Mar.10 , 2014 I took it back to the store I purchased it from. They gave me a replacement, and I just finished installing it. GUESS WHAT? As soon as I turned the water on again this replacement started dripping worse than the original one did. This product is junk. I plan to take it back to the store tomorrow and get a Moen. March 10, 2014
    looks great Straight forward installation with a very accurate temp setting November 5, 2013

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