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Will it Fit My Bathroom Sink?

One of the most satisfying do-it-yourself home improvement projects is learning how to replace a faucet. Installing or replacing a faucet requires only a few tools and relatively little time, and it can make a big difference in the look and function of your room.

When it comes to bathroom faucet replacement, the first question to ask of any potential faucet is: will it fit my sink?

To find a bathroom faucet that fits your sink, you need to:

  1. Determine the number of holes in your sink using the pictures and descriptions below.
  2. If your sink has 3 holes, determine the space between the holes.

3-Hole Sink

A 3-hole sink is very common in bathrooms. Depending on the spacing of the holes, you can choose a centerset, mini-widespread, or widespread bathroom faucet.

  • Bath 3-hole installation example
  • Bath 3-hole installation example

Sinks generally come in one of three configurations: 6”, 8”, and 6”-16”. Once the bathroom faucet is installed, in most cases the faucet will cover the holes. You will need to measure the width between the outer holes or estimate by measuring the width of the deck plate.

2-Hole Sink

A 2-hole sink usually accommodates a 4” centerset faucet. This is the simplest bathroom faucet to install or replace.

  • Kitchen 2-hole installation example

By following the instructions above, you’ll be on your way to a successful bathroom faucet replacement. To learn more about how to install a bathroom faucet, view our how-to videos.