Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

  • Model: P299575LF-SS-W
  • Finish: Stainless

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    4-hole 8″ installation

  • Two Handle Kitchen Faucet 3.3 5 9 9
    dripping faucet and sprayer hose works sometimes I have had this faucet for about 4 years, first 2 years faucet worked great no issues, but the sprayer would work one day then it didn't work the next day. So we didn't use the sprayer to much after that. The last 2 years the faucet started to drip slow and now it is a very very small stream of water coming out of the faucet. The sprayer on the last 2 years would pulsate water out of the head then stop. squeeze the trigger again, no water. turn faucet off, squeeze trigger on sprayer and it releases water out of the sprayer. Turn faucet back on, it sprays water with no issue. release trigger on sprayer and now it doesn't work, start process all over again. February 10, 2014
    Great warranty on The overall design and performance of this faucet are great; but the interior quality needs tweeking. I've owned this faucet for about 2 years and had to have it replaced after first year for leaking around base of a year later & i'm having issues with constant dripping and some leaking around stem area of base. I do plan on contacting the warranty dept. again. NOTE: their warranty dept. is fantastic. Their employees go above & beyond the call to satisfy the customer - something rarely seen these days! I really can't say enough about that aspect which was not part of the "review" questions. Even with the issues I had, I would recommend buying from them. Thank You Peerless. March 8, 2014
    Looks great, but drips It's aesthetically pleasing, but the handles feel flimsy and there is a constant drip every 3-5 seconds. December 21, 2013
    My Mom Loves IT! We bought this for my mom's sink that really needed a replacement faucet. She is thrilled with it! We were amazed at how easy it was to install. Thanks Peerless! December 20, 2013
    This peerless product is really doing the job very well Its a great faucet. Love the curve and how it is so easy to fill pots and bottles. Really like the stainless steel look. Best faucet that i ever bought highly recommend. October 4, 2013
    Cheap plastic sprayer support Mine broke after a year of use. I had hoped that it would last more than a year... Trying to superglue the plastic isn't quite working. October 14, 2013
    Low water pressure I am also having a low water pressure problem. Initially (4 years ago), it was working well. What replacement part do I need? September 30, 2013
    i like the looks of this faucet but don't like the performance my landlord had this faucett installed in my kitchen and it looks good but I can't get much water out of it, there is just a stream about the size of a pencil. I had the plumber come back out and he checked it out and said nothing was wrong and that was just the way this type does. It takes forever to get water into the sink to wash dishes. I have pressure behind it but only a small stream and the hot side is worse than the cold side. The spayer works very well. September 23, 2013

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