I bought the wrong model. How can I get reimbursed for my uninstalled faucet?

The answer to this question depends on the return policy of the store where you bought your faucet. Before they will reimburse you, or replace your faucet, most retailers require you to provide your original sales receipt as proof of purchase when returning your faucet to the store. As store policies may vary considerably, Peerless can only be responsible for replacing faucets or faucet components when the issue concerns a warranty claim.

I want to return my faucet. How do I do that?

It’s always sad to see a faucet come back, but sometimes it happens. Take your uninstalled faucet (plus your sales receipt) back to the store where you bought it, and ask to return or exchange it.

If your faucet was installed by a Peerless® plumber and is not performing to your satisfaction, please e-mail us or call 1-800-438-6673.

Where do I send my old faucet or faucet parts?

Before returning a product to us, call 1-800-438-6673 to verify that the faucet or parts need to be returned. Depending on your circumstances, you will be asked to either discard your old faucet or faucet parts, or return it/them to us. If you do need to return them, we’ll give you a mailing address over the phone.