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The Peerless® Brand Introduces New SideKick Shower System

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The Peerless® Brand Introduces New SideKick Shower System

Innovative solution for the bath space simplifies daily needs


ORLANDO, FL (JANUARY 9, 2018) – Further expanding its growing bath product portfolio, the Peerless® brand unveiled its innovative SideKick Shower System, a multipurpose shower head and shower wand duo aimed to simplify daily cleaning and bathing needs.

“Our research shows consumers seek a more efficient shower head and shower wand to assist with their everyday tasks,” said Scott Collevechio, director, Peerless. “The SideKick Shower System solves that need with its convenient solution that transitions effortlessly between various cleaning and bathing activities.”

Bathing features within the SideKick Shower System include a soft waterfall setting that mimics the motion of water being poured from a cup, helpful when bathing children, and a water-amplifying spray that provides a completely drenching experience. Additionally, convenient shower wand attachments make daily life simpler. The pet attachment combines the jet spray setting on the wand with “fingers” to scrub dirty fur more efficiently than with a water spray alone and the cleaning pad attachment permits water to flow through the pad, reducing cleaning time.

The WaterSense® labeled SideKick Shower System flows at a rate of 1.75 gallons per minute and features a shower head with five spray patterns, including water-amplifying spray, full spray, massage, full spray with wand, and wand spray. The shower wand boasts an extra-long 84-inch metal hose for additional reach, and a smart suction-cup mount for quick re-docking.

The Peerless SideKick Shower System can be installed onto an existing shower arm with no tools needed. Boasting Touch-Clean® Spray Holes for easy mineral build-up removal, the System will be available in May 2018 in a Chrome finish.

For additional information visit www.peerlessfaucet.com


About Peerless®

At Peerless, we believe beautiful design should always be within reach. Meaning “without equal,” Peerless uniquely melds style with affordability to create a diverse portfolio of products for the kitchen and bath, from various faucet configurations to a full range of shower products. Since 1971, Peerless has offered innovative solutions to consumer and trade professionals. A WaterSense® partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Peerless serves as the affordable design solution in the portfolio of Delta Faucet Company, a global organization offering kitchen and bath products. For more information, visit www.peerlessfaucet.com.